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A Remedy for Homework Problems

The issue of homework problems has always been an agenda in the parents meetings and professional forums. Most people have difficulties in doing their home works; this may be due to a heavy days work, forgetfulness, laziness, lack of appropriate time to do a research or lack of knowledge on the home work given.

Help your child with homework

Teachers have heard many excuses about homework they given to students, the first teacher made the first homework assignment. As long as teachers keep giving homework, most students will keep trying to get out of doing it. Why do teachers bother with homework? Why do they continue to inflict homework on kids, their parents, and […]

What to do when all else fails to learn homework to your child

Some children absolutely cannot or will not do their homework despite rewards, consequences, promises or threats, and despite the best and most caring efforts of parents, teachers, tutors, and other concerned persons. If your child’s problems resist any and all of the troubleshooting strategies outlined in this article, you probably need professional assistance. Ask the […]

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