Project life cycle stages example With Real World Case 2016

      If you are reading this, you are probably wondering what are the tricks to making money and how does it relate to PMP.  In this article I will describe my SEO journey of how to make money helping students become PMP Certified and in addition to that i will be using project management lifecycle steps to describe how I do it. Killing multiple birds with one stone, helping PMP students understand what the project management lifecycle concepts are while helping simultaneously my company Tutoring Services, LLC making some extra income, plus providing usefull tips that may interest not only students, but PMP bloggers and anyone in the test prep industry trying to make extra income helping PMP students prepare for their certification exam..  This article is designed to help students reinforce their understanding of project lifecycles.  In this article I will demonstrate real world example of how project management lifecycle can be used. I will be describing Project LIfecycle stages.

Our Special Tactics Findings About PMP Exam and how we can help you prepare for it

  Intent of this article is to help students prepare for PMP Exam.  As you very well know there are many topics on PMP exam that you must prepare for if you want to pass your exam, what i will focus on this topic is by giving real life example of Project Management lifecycle in real world and how i am using the steps in project management lifecycle applying concepts of making money in real world. In this article you will learn Project Initiation lesson for year 2016 PMP certification journey.

So once again what is the purpose of this PMP Project lifecycle article?

purpose of project management lifecycle

     Purpose is to help students understand project lifecycle steps.  As you recall there are several project life cycle stages, specifically.  Initiation, Planning, Monitoring/Controlling, Execution and Closure.  If you haven't already gotten familar with what each one of these life cycle means, don't hesitate to visit our lifecycle template pages to get see how every day project managers like you, or future you using project templats to help them look professional and save tons of time during their project.  Link that you visit will show templates also if you navigate through detailed links you will find explanation of each step, but detailed explanations of how i will use these lifecycel in real world will be explained further in this article.

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Here is my story (or well sort of my story, but also a bit about my brother)

     Anyway so what is the real world project that I will focus on? My name is Rome Wells Owner of Tutoring Services, LLC and here is my project management lifecycle real world example of how I use project management lifecycle stages in real world to help students prepare for their PMP exam while also helping my company Tutoring Services, LLC generate revenue.  

pmp money making real world example

        A little bit about me, I like math, I am also into engineering and also into helping students succeed academically in mathematics subjects and non-academic subjecst such as Information Technology sector, ranging from information security field, computer networking and Project Management and SEO Marketing experitse, I also happen to be a breakdancer and offer students lessons in breakdancing in the state of CT and NY/NJ.  So now that you have an idea about the author of this article and have better understanding who I am, let me now engage into a hot topic of PMP. 

Topic will be Project Management Lifecycle and what stages it has and how I am leveraging project management lifecycle stages in real world to make money telling the truth about PMP exam certification products.   Hence my project is "reviews about PMP exam certification materials" and life cycle of this product will involve the following stages, initiation, planning, execution, controlling/monitoring and closure stages. Oh also one more thing my brother is PMP, AGILE, SCRUM, ITIL certified and works on Wall Street  NYC as professional instructor teaching future IT consultants becoming PMPs, Web Developers, IT Security experts and many other tracks typpe of experts.  This particular story that I am describing here will be about me, but sometimes I will also reference my brother to help PMP test takers see my story from more relevant angles.

Anyway let's get to the point

To explain what Project Management lifecycle is, and how I use it in real world it's best that you get familiar with what project management lifecycle is, in PMBOk you will find strict definitions about the lifecycles and although it may seem obvious for some students, it may not be obvious at all for others.  Plus PMBOK is indeed extremely cryptic from the perpsective of being able to tackle it on your own without any translational help.

     As you recall the project that I am focusing is "Providing Reviews about PMP Exam certfiication materials" and explaining how it falls into the project management lifecycle stages.   You may ask me the following question, but wait a second how is that project? Providing reviews? My answer is anything that has the beginning date and the end date is the project.  So now let's talk about the actual project.

Project Initiation stage must have great level of reasoning behind what the success factors are in the project. Quick definition can be found on basic google search for project initiation as follows.

The Project Initiation Phase is the 1st phase in the Project Management Life Cycle, as it involves starting up a new project. You can start a new project by defining its objectives, scope, purpose and deliverables to be produced.

This is not something that PMBOK came up with, PMBOK was written by FREE Power and packaged together by PMI together nicely and neatly (majority of concepts existed well before PMI, however studying for PMP exam using this book is highly recommended).  So now let's use divide and conquer approach, in case if you do not know what that is, it's basically disecting the problem into multiple peaces and understanding each peace of the puzzle before proceeding to the next.   Anyway now let's get back to what exactly is the project. 

Well project is "Providing Reviews about PMP Exam Certfication Materials"  notice how the grammar of this project implies presentence, but wait a second that contradicts the fact that project must have start date and finish date, it seems that the way project name is phrased implies presence.  Note when you read my article, i will use multiple wordings and phrasings, hence it's important to read my article in full quickly then re-read if needed. 

This will clarify many aspects during your reading.  Some statements I say may sound contradictng, sort of like Donald Trump campaigning for 2016 presedential debates, when debate hoster asked why Donald changing his mind so many times, and his response was…. "he is flexible". Just like what Donald Trump said during his presedential debate i will also emphesize on the same factor,  My writing style and explanation is flexible and flexibility of this article is determined by the audience, depending on who the audience is I will adjust my masterr of PMP subject knowledge area translational skill set in the direction that would help candidates understand project mangement life cycle stages the best way.

Anyway let's get back to Project Initiation stage

Project Objectives and Purpose

        So let's talk about objective, so what is the objective of this real world project?  Objective is to help students prepare for PMP exam while also helping my company Tutoring Services, LLC generate money income, by recommending usefull resources.  While simultaneously generating revenue stream across multiple business systems.  (generation across multiple business systems is called Synergy, or at least the way I see it). Based on reading that sentence can you tell what is the objective and what is the purpose? 

If you have noticed, I have sort of ish combined objective and purpose into one sentence, have you noticed that mistake?  If not then please pay attention because that is exactly what PMP exam will test you on how well you can distinguish real world scenarios and corresponding life cycles that they belong in.   How do I know that, because i had a team of experts who are working for Tutoring Services, LLC research what is covered on the exam and what type of questions students should expect, where my experts reviewed multiple blog sites and polls. 

       Our research that was done by company Tutoring Services, LLC was extensive and research involved not only what questions are on the PMP exam, but waht study materials are usefull to prepare for it.  Plus my brother is PMP instructor working in Manhattan NY who specifically provided many details to me about exam and his lessons learned during his preparation studies and his own students lessons learned during PMP test preparation studies.  Now let's get back to the original topic, so what is the objective in this project?  Objective is to help students prepare for PMP exam this is the main objective and purpose of the project is to generate revenue for my company Tutoring Services, LLC helping students pick their best study resources. 

Project Deliverables

       So now that you have processed what Project Initiation means from real world perspective let's begin with the next lifecycle example.  But wait…  I haven't talked about Scope, and only discussed objective and purpose, but project initiation stage involves many other peaces.  Ah i am glad you caught me on this one.  Anyway let's discuss the other peaces first before moving on to the next lifecycle. So what is another factor of project initiation?  Hmmm… let's think well we talked about objective, we talked about purpose, and so far it seems that both purpose and objective is clear to everyone, what we have not talked about is Scope and Deliverables.  Well ok but you what are the deliverables?  Deliverables for this project is to ensure that PMP students are provided with useful information that can help make them effectivie decision in regard to which study path they should take when preparing for their PMP certification exam.

pmp study path recommendation

       So what exactly is deliverable?  Deliverable is how you will defend your objective, in my case it's what my company Tutoring Services, LLC can offer to PMP test taking students to help them prepare for their PMP exam effectively depending on what type of auidence they are.  For example if student does not have enough money to prepare for PMP exam one way perhaps they can prepare for PMP test another way.   This is a great example of deliverable.  Think of deliverable as something that you want to provide to the customer. So let's review what i talked about so far, I discussed deilverables, as well as objective what's left?  Well the scope right?

Project Scope factors

Ok so now let's talk about the scope, in summary think of scope from the perpsective of tasks.  In another words think of tasks that would be needed to make deliverable happen.  Well in my company's case, scope involved the following factors.

  1. Researching About PMP Exam
  2. Researching About what study methods exist
  3. Partnering with the vendors who do have study materials
  4. Researching what methods are effective
  5. Writing out content
  6. Creating Graphics (such as study path graphic you see above)
  7. Creating Marketing/SEO strategy
  8. Analyzing competitors

This is just several factors that I have mentioned, clearly there is more, however this gives you plenty of ideas of how this scope process was done and what it involved.  Note how everything is tied together conceptually in project initiation stage?  Meaning how Ojbective is tied to purpose, and to scope, and to deliverables.  Do you see how it all logically falls together into a single project management lifecycle stage of project initiation?   Does this project initiation stage makes more sense now?  Hopefully it does, if it doesn't we can explain this live to you over whiteboard, in fact my DBA Binary Fusion company also happens to design IT solutions for whiteboard.

In case you are interested in more details about the discussed scope factors, I will be providing updates, so feel free to check this blog site out from time to time, to view tips for affiliates who also want to sell products, and want to know the secrets of SEO/Marketing of how our company is doing all of this.

Note obviously here is a lot more in real life when it comes to project initiation that are not mentioned in basic definition of project initiation, we will discuss these factors in later articles



I managed to leverage my overall background to help students explain project initiation lifecycle, in fact I happen to be CCNP certified and hold/held other certifications in Risk Management, CCNA, Mathematics Teaching certification for the State of CT.

       Hence if you would like to ask me more questions, you can contact me directly by sending a comment on page and I can meet you on the whiteboard to discuss your PMP Learning Study Path options face to face and help you make your PMP study preparation decision, or if you are looking for PMP tutor and would like my brother to train you in PMP online over whiteboard  or seeking advice in regards to what test preparation material is best for your to study from for your PMP exam then you can also send me comment from site and i will make sure either me or my brother reviews it and get back to you, helping you clarify some of the PMP study options available on the market and help you succed in your PMP test preparation studies.

        The best part about my company is that if there is a question that I don't know my brother would know or other experts who i work with.  Knowing about what products are best to study for PMP exam requires skill of it's own, being PMP certified is not one of them although it's complimentary.  Howevering having someone in the company who knows PMP and who is involved in research is the key in making this project (descirbed here) of providing helpful reviews for PMP candidates reality.   Note I am not PMP certified yet, hence if you are looking for PMP Certified tutor there are options that we list on feel free to check these options out or leave a comment there with your own question.  Note other bloggers may say well why should students listen to someone who is not even PMP certified. My answer to that is, you are not listening to me, you are listening and reading to voices of many PMPs, neatly summairzed and presented to you in a single place (in reality it's different places since we have multiple blogs, but just like Trump said, it's all about flexibility).  I happen to be a great networker (marketer and literally networker), and can network anything together as long as it makes sense, regardless of what type of network it is, educational, IT infrastructure, project management study materials, reviews, concepts, it doesn't matter.  In fact here is my company's DBA Binary Fusion Network Consulting site take a look and see what I mean.


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Note I have not discussed other Project Management lifecycle stages yet…. come back again to view more in the next couple of days.  Or click on the banner below to be navigated to all sorts of PMP study resources, that can help you prepare for your exam.


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