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What is Project Management?

To better understand what project management really is it's important to review individual concepts that correspond to the project management knowledge area of concentration.  View below concepts that project management consists of and their brief explanation.


Major Topics that students will face during their preparation journey for Project Management Exam

Project management is composed of several different types of concepts (we list these activities to help you get better understanding of what project managers would have to go through when working on any type of Project. 


Tips you see here can also help you understand what project management really is from high level overview.

  • Acquiring human and material resources

(make sure you know what constrains you would face when working on project, what would be needed for project initiation, execution, closure.   Make sure that you know processes involved behing being able to approach other parties involved in project deliver) 

  • Allocation of resources 

(know not only how to allocate resources, but how to make sure they are allocated to the right person, does the person have enough capability to handle the workload, how to do this right etc)

  • Analysis and design of objectives & events. 

(this concept requires you fully understanding objectives and events, in another words understanding what your objective are, what are the processes behind your objective, what can result from improper design of a certain objective delivery?  What events can occur from specific objective Design)

  • Analyzing the results based on the facts achieved

(ensure that you fully understand the processes behind analysis of facts, in simple words, try to understand output created from your overall input)

  • Assessing and controlling risk (Risk Management) 

pmp-did-you-know (risk assessmennt is a big topic to know, make sure you know what is first of all the risk, how probable is it for event to happen, how can you assess it)  Risk Management and assessment is constantly used all over project management, make sure you understand it using real world examples)  Click here to view how our company DBA Binary Fusion uses project management in real world and try to think of what services in IT industry exist in real world and how you can assess them and control. 

  • Assigning tasks 

(make sure you understand how to assign tasks, to who, what happens if tasks is not complete, make sure you know real world tools that exists for assigning tasks)

  • Communicating to stakeholders

(this is a critical component to know, notifidying right parties, how you notify them, who to include, how to do this right, make sure you know this one really well)

  • Controlling project execution

pmp-did-you-know(this is one is part of project management life cycle, make sure you know in and out how to execute the project, also during this stage you want to make sure you professionaly demonstrate execution of the project this way client for whom you are executing this project has highest level of trust in your project management skill set. 

If you want to find out what project execution stage is and how to effectively take control of your project execution with templates that can help you save time and money click here, these templates will help you impress your client, and reinforce your level of undestanding from real world perspective of what Project Execution lifecystage really is and how other project manageers using it..            

  • Defect prevention

(make sure you fully understand what processes exist to minimize defect of the product)

  • Defining the products of the project

(understanding the product is the key when trying tro define it, realizing what benefits and purpose product has)

  • Directing activities

(make sure you know how to properly direct and manage activities when handling project)

  • Estimating resources 

(make sure you understand how to identify who is going to work on the project, how many people are needed, what are associated costs)

  • Issues management

(make sure you know what issue is how to track it, what tools exists out there for tracking it)

  • Issue solving

(ensure you understand processes behind solving issues, know impact that can happen when you solve one issue and what negative effect it can create)

  • Identifying, managing & controlling changes 

(ensure you fully understand change control structure, who executed then change, what is the change, how to track changes, what tools exists for tracking chages)

  • Forecasting future trends in the project 

(ensure you understand how to map out proccess that will involve successfull operation of the project in the future, what are the key indicators if project is successfull)

  • Organizing the work

(make sure you understand how to organize the work, there many different ways of doing this using SCRUM principals, AGILE methodology and others>

  • Planning the work according to the objectives

  pmp-did-you-know(make sure you know how to plan your work properly, this will typically require organizing your thoughts into solified well presented project planning template then writing out concise project plan, to view example of what project planning templates is and how you can use it  to plan for your project and save tons of time and effort click here.

  • Project closure

(understanding how to close your project is the key component of every project manager, when studying for any of your project management exams, ensure you fully understand concepts behind project closure lifecycle, every project has the beginning and the end, knowing how to end your project is the key knowledge area that project managers would have to know.  Did you know that you save tons of time and money with project closure templates?  To view what project management closure templates are, and how they are used in real world by real project managers to complete their projects click here.

  • Quality Management

(understanding quality management and how to ensure that the project has the highest leel of quality is another essential componet of every PM, ensure that you fully understand processes behind managing quality, if you are in web development world trying to for example develop a site, make sure you know how to ensure it's optimized for mobile, how it has huge fonts and nicely readable format, etc, if you are working in IT Infrastructure Network world, ensure that you know how to make sure that your network design is the highly resilient with as minimum failures as possible. )

  • Tracking and reporting progress

pmp-did-you-know(Management information system, typically referred to as MIS, make sure you fully understand what it means behind tracking project's progress, for example in Microsoft Project you can use variety of tricks to track progres using GENT charts etc, there are plenty of study guides and courses available in Microsoft Project that can help you understand how to track your progress


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