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Prepare for your NCLEX RN Exam with Best Study Materials

If you are think of studying for your NCLEX-RN exam and not entirely sure what to start from, where to start from studying, how to study, what's on the test, how to save money, which sections on the exams, what test prep companies are the best to help you study for your nursing exam and wondering how to get certified, then you reached the right place. This site is designed to provide test preparation guidance to the future Nurses, by helping them chose right study materials and save money.

Money Saving Advice from Rome Wells to future Registered Nurses

If Rome Wells have messaged you direct, then don't hesitate to reply back and say hi, ask for test preparation advice, and any other questions that you may have regarding to which type of NCLEX-RN study guides are best for your individual needs.  Also, for some of the study guide resoures that you may find on this site, there are may also be discount coupons available, helping you save money on your educational NCLEX RN test preparation expenses, therefore feel free to ask Rome Wells if they are available (Note: discount coupons are not always available, and their availability depending on the promotional time period offered by a particular NCLEX RN test preparation company, hence definitely be sure to Ask Rome Wells) 



Studying for Registered Nurse NCLEX-RN exam doesn't have to be hard

Studying for your exam doesn't have to be difficult, indeed trying to become registered nurse is an important carrer journey in your medical life.  However the good news is you are not alone there are multiple students who are also in the process of becoming registered nurse, and our company Tutoring Services, LLC has created this site specifically to help you futur Registered Nurse get through your test prep certification journey, and help you increase your chances of becoming registered nurse and dominate your NCLEX-RN exam

Trying to become certified RN Nurse?

With so many materials on the market for Nursing exam it's tough to make up your mind which one is truly the best for your particular NCLEX RN test preparation needs

          With so many test prep materials available, on the market it becomes extremely difficult to decipher which test prep material is good to prepare for your medical nursing NCLEX RN exam and what's not.  To help you get through this decision we compiled multiple test preparation resources together to help you figure out what's best.  We have also included basic exam info in a nice visual layout to help you quickly understand what is on the test, how long is the test, what is the format of your nursing exam, what sections are covered.

Find out how much NCLEX RN exam and how long is it.


Discover ways for how to improve your score

Trying to tackle your nursing exam?  Did you know that preparing with multiple test preparation materials can help you better prepare for your NCLEX-RN exam?   There are many books availabe on the internet and many ways to prepare for your test, however, books tend to be boring, not motivating enough and often do not relay information in a dynamic manner. 

Preparing from Multiple resources can help you get better score


Studying from books is a great way to prepare for your test, however reading type of learning style is not for everyone.  Some students are more visual type of learners, and some students prefere to learn new materials by mostly reading. Our company has done extensive research about NCLEX-RN exam and we have pooled together different methods to prepare for it. 

We will share with you detailed Analys of each NCLEX-RN product and help you make your decision in regards to which test prep product is best for you.

Rome Wells will share with you his analysis about particular nursing test preparation product, that can help you study for your exam and show you each individual study material in detail, helping you better make up your mind in regards to which type of test prep material is best for you.   Note many studens study from multiple materials, for example studying with the video course, and then reinforcing it with the book content and practice questions. 





NCLEX RN Exam Quick Summary Info



NCLEX-RN topic by topic Client Needs Breakdown

Knowing integrated Processes is the key

Distribution of content on Nursing NCLEX-RN Test


Passed your NCLEX RN exam?  Want to help out other students prepare for it and make some extra part time income in addition to your nursing career?


Check out this course below to help you through your NCLEX-RN Test Prep Journey



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NCLEX-RN Registered Nurse Online GraduateX Course

On this site we show also some free practice questions and study essentials video for how to study smart, be sure to check this out before taking your exam.

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Tip From Rome Wells: Before taking your Nursing NCLEX-RN exam Find out how to Study Smart How to Be…

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NCLEX Review Book exam Secrets

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