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How to start off and work together with kids

Try going round in circles? The way of getting a small group of students know each othe is to get them sitting in a circle. Ask one to say his or her name, then the person to the left to say, ‘I am… and this is my friend…’ Carry on round the circle, adding one […]

If you have difficulties working with your child…

Experience has already shown you that parenting isn’t easy. Whenever you make a change in the way you relate to your child, you can expect problems to surface at some point along the way. Deciding to help with homework will change the way you relate to your child. He may resist your help at first […]

20 tips for homework helpers

Maintain two-way communication with your child. Don’t just lecture. Listen and respond to what your child has to say. When you respond, don’t plead or argue. (Pleading puts your child in charge; arguing creates a no-win situation.) Instead, respond assertively and positively. Don’t give your child a choice unless you mean it. Instead of saying, […]

Why and how to set a homework schedule?

Children (and adults) respond well to structure and consistency. We all feel more secure when we know what to expect. (If you need convincing, think back to how you felt on your child’s first day of kindergarten, compared to how you feel now when your child leaves for school.) This sense of security is the […]

Who should help with homework?

Many parents feel they don’t have the skills to help their children with homework. Yet, research has shown that the quality of the parent-child interaction is more important than the actual techniques used. You might be surprised at what a good teacher you can be! Helping with homework, however, doesn’t have to be your responsibility […]

How much homework is enough?

How can you tell if your child is getting the right amount of homework? First, it helps to understand that homework policies differ widely from state to state, school to school, and teacher to teacher. Typically, the amount of homework increases as the child moves up to higher grades: If your child consistently tells you […]

Signs your child isn’t interested in doing his homework

Your children isn’t interested in doing his homework if you answer YES to any of the following: You and your children engage in nightly battles over when homework will be done. Your children rush through homework assignments, with sloppy, incomplete results. Your children “forget” to bring their homework assignments home. You do more of the […]

Some tips to get your homework done

Find a homework helper. Get a good friend, or a parent or relative, to help you with your homework. A homework helper will help you to understand things. Try to eat something before you do your homework. It’s easier to concentrate if you’re not thinking about food. (Note: Eating the back of your pencil while […]

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