What to do when all else fails to learn homework to your child

Some children absolutely cannot or will not do their homework despite rewards, consequences, promises or threats, and despite the best and most caring efforts of parents, teachers, tutors, and other concerned persons. If your child’s problems resist any and all of the troubleshooting strategies outlined in this article, you probably need professional assistance. Ask the teacher about the school’s procedures for a psychological evaluation, or seek outside testing. Discuss the result in a conference with the teacher, the school counselor, and the principal.

A change in classroom assignment may be called for. Some children thrive when they are moved to another room at the same grade level; others need more specialized help in the form of a class for learning differences or disabilities. Or the test results may show that a child is being under-challenged and would benefit from a program for gifted students. Or they may indicate the need for a period of psychological counseling.

Try to be objective when studying the alternatives presented to you. Keep in mind your primary purpose: helping your child. With that as your goal, you’re certain to make the right decision.

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