Signs your child isn’t interested in doing his homework

Your children isn’t interested in doing his homework if you answer YES to any of the following:

  • You and your children engage in nightly battles over when homework will be done.
  • Your children rush through homework assignments, with sloppy, incomplete results.
  • Your children “forget” to bring their homework assignments home.
  • You do more of the homework than your children do.
  • Your children take forever to finish their homework assignments.
  • Your children insist that they are able to do homeowork while watching TV, talking on the phone and listening to the stereo.
  • The first time you hear about a major project is the night before it’s due … and it isn’t finished.

How many times have you wished that there was something you could do to help your children deal more successfully with homework? How often have you searched for just the right words or just the right actions to end your family’s nightly homework battles forever? If you’re like most parents, you’ve tried a lot of different strategies – off and on – only to find you and your children falling back into the same ineffective routines. You know that your children need to do their homework, and you want to help, but you just aren’t sure how to go about it.

Relax. You can do it. You have the power to turn around the homework situation in your home and motivate our children to succeed academically. Your children, of course, are the ones who must do the work – and do it appropriately. But you are the one who can help it all possible. Your interest and involvement are the keys to your children’s success in school – and that one of the most effective ways you can be involved in their education is through homework.

You have to begin looking at homework as a daily opportunity to have a positive impact on your children’s education and future. You must convey to your children the message that you believe in them – that you are committed to their success and that homework is an important part of that commitment.

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