Homework teaches your children responsibility

When your children were very young, you made most of their decisions for them. You structured their activities, planned their meals, and made sure they go to bed on time. Even when you began to guide them into making choices of their own, you still probably kept very close tabs on what those choices were. When your children first began school, their teacher offered much of the same guidance.

Until homework. For many children, homework is the first time they have a responsibility all their own. It’s up to them to bring it home. It’s up to them to do the work. And it’s up to them to see that the work gets back to school. From the moment the teacher gives the assignment to the moment it is turned in again, the responsibility rests on your children’s shoulders. It is important for you to realize that this is a responsibility that has a tremendous impact on your children’s lives. Why such an impact?

Through homework, children learn skills that they must develop if they are to grow to be independent, motivated and successful adults. They learn to follow directions, work on their own, begin and complete a task, manage their time and work to their full potential.

They learn that it’s up to them – that they are accountable for their own actions. If you as a parent fail to reinforce the importance of homework, then you are denying them the chance to fully develop this sense of responsibility.

Keep these benefits in mind, especially when your children are given homework assignments which to you (and them) seem to be meaningles busywork. Don’t dismiss this homework as unimportant. It’s teaching your children something valuable! Life, after all, is filled with sometimes tiresome details that must be dealt with appropriately. Keep in mind that you and your children are laying a foundation that they will build upon for years to come.

Homework is the key link between home and school

Homework is the best means you have of maintaining a day-to-day connection with your child’s education. Since homework is assigned on a regular basis, it can provide almost continuous contact between you, your child and your child’s teacher.

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