Understanding Homework: New Perspectives and Research

What is Homework Performance?

Homework Performance can be defined as progress occurs when a student begins a sustained effort to the work done, and takes place as the home or other institution of the school, the homework assigned to school. Each student has a clear pattern, performance personal homework, consisting of a unique profile of motivation and preferences that affect compliance and completion of the homework requirements. This definition clearly our attention to the characteristics of the student homework, and not the rights themselves. Rights may well or poorly executed. The concept of homework performance not only refers to the good performance, but the full range of performance to do good for doing wrong.

Homework, by definition, take place without the guidance of teachers simultaneously. At school, the student is part of a group of classes and learns somehow generally determined by the teacher, a group of students and only rarely by the student. But when it comes to homework, students have the choice. First, they can decide to take action at all and how much time and effort to invest in the homework. Once they have these decisions, they choose to do their homework in a variety of ways and probably do what they want. There is a wide variety of individual differences in the performance of tasks between learners in both the source and strength of motivation to do homework, and preferences of what, when, where, how and with whom they love To do. We have a conceptual model to understand, explain and improve the process of homework in the interest of students, teachers and parents.

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