Making Language Learning Fun

Learning about other cultures can be fascinating. Here are several suggestions to try with your child:

Read to your child about life in the country(or countries) where people speak the language he’s learning.

If you have friend from that country(countries), ask them to spend some time talking with your child.

Seek out articles in National Geographic and travel magazines(the more pictures, the better).

Volunteer to assist with international fairs at your child’s school.

Obtain posters and other small items from travel agents or import shops.

Visit a local restaurant that specializes in food of the country.

Talk to friends around the world on the internet.

Try using games, especially if you can speak the language. Work with your child to make flash cards of the words he/she is learning. Since most of these will have to do with animals, foods, colors, people, and actions, make word-and-pictures cards for playing connections or wet Cat(a game similar to Old Maid). Make cards to teach vocabulary from the language and facts about the countries where it is spoken; then use a trivia board game to track progress and keep score.

Use your imagination!

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