Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful: What Is Your Opinion?

How many teacher and student are thinking before that homework is helpful or harmful for student? I think, if the amount of homework that given by educators aren’t that much, that is useful for the student. The homework is like a revision and practices the lesson and also helps the students to utilize their time so it is helpful. The homework will help the learner to study better. Such as, after finishing homework, student can simply find out the difficulties of the lesson and their weakness, so in the next morning in the school he/she can ask for help to the teacher in the next day. Additionally, many students think that they’re revising their lesson after class? However, doing homework is also assist to recall the lesson or lecture that they had learned.

With the ever rising academic standards, homework is believed to eliminate mediocrity and it is believed to prepare the learners for academic excellence. A balanced homework can provide the best output. Time spent on doing homework should fix with the age of the student– 30 min spent in primary level, up to 80 minutes for junior high or middle school aged students and in high school level between 90 minutes to150 minutes per night (not for each subject!). Another effective suggestion is, multiply the learner’s grade by 10 to determine the number of minutes of doing homework for every night (such as – a 5th grader shouldn’t spend more than 50 minutes for homework per night). Some of the learner got too much free time therefore they simply loitering around inside or outside for nothing. Hence, homework creates a chance to make proper utilization of time. Remember the main benefits of homework:  to provide time to get deeper understanding though amplification and to raise readiness for fresh information; to build rote automaticity and memorization. Parental involvement should reduce to facilitating the achievement of homework – not doing the homework for a child or teaching content.

So, is homework harmful or helpful? In my summary, homework has a lot of benefits for the student only if the amount of homework isn’t too much for the students and they have enough time to finish their homework. So, I recommend that educator should give a less task, small hint and enough time to do their homework, which can give the best output for a student.

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