How to Help Your Child With Homework

Homework is an opportunity for students to learn and that parents are involved in the education of their children. The importance of a parent can generate enthusiasm in a child and help teach the important lesson of all, that learning is fun and rewarding.

Teachers certified homework for many reasons. Homework can help children

  • Review and practice what they have learned;
  • Get ready for class the next day;
  • Learn to use resources such as libraries, reference books and encyclopedias and
  • Find more topics than full time permits in the classroom.

Homework can help children develop good habits and attitudes.
It can

  • Teach children to work independently;
  • Encourage self-discipline and responsibility (assignments provide some young people their first chance to manage time and deadlines), and
  • Promoting a love for learning.

Homework can also bring parents and educators closer together. Parents who supervise homework and work with their children on assignments learn about the education of children and the school.

Homework is supposed to be a positive experience to children and learning. Contract may be used as a punishment

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