Help your child with homework

Teachers have heard many excuses about homework they given to students, the first teacher made the first homework assignment. As long as teachers keep giving homework, most students will keep trying to get out of doing it.

Why do teachers bother with homework? Why do they continue to inflict homework on kids, their parents, and themselves? In fact, there are several excellent reasons:

  • Homework encourages children to practice skills they haven’t yet fully learned.
  • Homework gives children opportunities to review skills they might  otherwise forget.
  • Homework enriches and broadens a child’s knowledge.
  • Homework teaches responsibility.
  • Homework allows for tasks that are too time-consuming to be finished during school hours.

As a parent, you can probably think of a few more reasons. You may remember times from your own childhood when a homework assignment made the difference between fully understanding a subject and barely grasping it, between excelling on a test and just scraping by. There may have been occasions when you actually enjoyed doing your homework – when you sat at the kitchen table or sprawled on the living room floor, working at your own pace on a project that fascinated you, without the distraction of the classroom.

Of course, this is not your homework we’re talking about here, but your child’s. You have taken on a new role, that of a homework helper. This role is one that can be confusing and frustrating. You probably truly want to help your child with this daily task–and know you need to help–but you may not know how to get started. Here on this site can help you to take those first steps. That will outline how to create a homework plan, set up a study area, deal with numerous problems that may occur, and help you install a love of learning in your child.

By deciding to help your child with homework, you will start paving the road to success for your child–in school and beyond.

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