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Find out details about GRE test, view usefull study tips, resources, and recommendations for how to prepare for your exam. 'GRE' stands for Graduate Record Examinations. It is a test administered by ETS (Educational Testing Services), the same company that ultimately administers the SATs.

(disclaimer, all GRE related names and test references belong to official trade mark owners, Tutoring Services, LLC is not affiliated with the GRE test makers official ETS site, and only provides useful test preparation journey advice and resources that can help students prepare for this test. Any advice given on this site should be consulted with your admission advisor and well researched before making any decisions.)

How can Rome Wells Help you?

Rome Wells, is an educational advocate, GRE aspirant and a friendly academic advisor, former certified teacher for the state of CT and founder of Tutoring Services, LLC.  I will be showing you details about GRE exam, and will be sharing with you test prep methods for how you can prepare better and more effectively for your exam.  How do I know all that?  Well that is because I happen to help students also in CT NY and NJ do better on their exam.  My expertise is specifically in Mathematics, which happens to be one of the sections on the exam, commonly referred to as quantitative section of your upcoming GRE test.

How Rome Wells Method of helping students Prepare for GRE exam is different from others

However, the way I help students is not just by helping them by tutoring them for GRE exam (something that you find many other GRE sites brag about), sure I do that as well (at least for the math part and locally), however, that is not my core area of expertise (i'd prefer to instead refer you to someone who has better expertise then me rather than tutor you my self, because that is actually what our company Tutoring Services, LLC does… it helps local students who need help on GRE exam get matched with local GRE tutors specifically in CT NY and NJ 4 selected counties)

I am here to help you find your test preparation resources and make it easier for you to decide which GRE study guide is the best for your individual learning need.

My main expertise is simply being academic advisor, guiding and helping students make up their mind in regards to what type of GRE study test prep materials makes the most sense for you to consider looking into further, in order to get better GRE score, and improve your chances of getting into graduate school.  Being academic advisor, and career advisor, similarly like the type of advisors you would have in high school, or what so called Guidance Counselors, is essentially what you can consider me be.

Rome Wells helps not only helps students with academic advice for GRE exam, but also students in other fields.

Take a look at other fields for which i have provided students guidance for in other exams, for example students trying to get into business school who need to take GMAT exam, or for future teachers, for high school students trying to get into military field, or for students trying to get into medical school, or for future lawyersaccountantsproject managers, and even IT and Network Security Engineers and even for students who are trying to save money on college expenses before enrolling into undergraduate school and skip bunch of classes that they don't need, or for parents who are trying to get their kids into private school.  

Have a friend of someone in your family who is also studying for some type of exam? Want to help them save money as well on their educational expenses?

Hence if you happen to have a brother or a sister, or someone you know who are trying to get into any of the above mentioned fields and studying for their test, and seeking career advice then don't hesitate to help them out and let them know about this site and Rome Wells.  This way they can also find about ways to save money on their educational test preparation resources, be able to similarly compare prices, find out which test preparation materials are best for them, view useful study tips, link references and more.

Did Rome Wells message you directly sharing this GRE Study Guide site?


Speaking of Rome Wells, if you happen to receive message from me Rome Wells sharing this GRE study guide site with you, don't hesitate to say hi, or ask other specific questions to any test preparation resource you find on this site, either Rome Wells, or one of the Tutoring Services, LLC members will get back to you promptly.  In some cases, dependening on the what type of GRE study resource you find on this site, Rome Wells can even hook you up with some coupons, (however that all depends on the study resource, some test prep vendors offer coupons to Rome Wells and some do not, it all depends on promotional periods, however it doesn't hurt to ask, because at the end of the day it can help you save money)



My goal here is not to relay my GRE math tutoring expertise to you on this site, but rather to provide you with gudance on what test preparation material can help you improve your GRE score the most and provide highest level of learning effectivines. (however in case if you really need my mathematical expertise help in preparing for GRE and happen to be in CT, NY area of Fairfield County or Westchester County or Bergen County NJ then I can most certainly help you in person or have one of our local Math or English specialized tutors get mathed with you directly, where one of them can visit you directly at your own home and prepare you for GRE exam.  In case if interested feel free to visit our sister site (we have many other local tutoring sites in CT and NY, NJ area)

Alternatively you can visit my (our company's social media site) site or send a message from contact form at the bottom of this page. )

Residing outside of  CT NY and NJ and looking for a tutor?

For anyone outside of Fairfield County CT, Westchester county NY, New Haven county CT, and Bergen County NJ feel free to visit our sister site.  This site is great for students who do not want agency managed tutoring match making services, and instead simply want to try their luck on their own finding local or online GRE tutors. 

Many of the tutors on our independent tutoring site offer first lesson for only $15, giving you opportunity to try before you further commit with the rest of the tutoring lessons from the GRE tutor, and don't pay any recurring agency fees.  Heck of a sweet deal, especially with prices of tutors being so expensive now days, not to mention college loans.  Note there is a difference between agency managed tutors and independend tutors who are not managed by the agency, we describe this difference here, knowing what that difference is can save you money when chosing your tutor, while also helping you decide which type of GRE tutor is really best for you, agency managed type or non-agency managed type.

Can't afford local or online GRE Tutor? No problem, have you considered self guided study materials?

However for most of the folks out there who can not afford local or online tutorwhen preparing for GRE, or perhaps the folks who simply prefer to study on their own, feel free browsing this site further, to find self guided resources materials.


However, rather then help you identify what the test is all about, provide useful study tips, recommendation tactics describe differences between common tests, and help you get on your way with your studying while minimizing your educational test preparation expenses, by showin you variety of GRE test preparation resources that can be within your budget or perhaps outside of your budget, but with the higher level of learning effectiviness under the hood. 


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How GRE scores scaled?


Ok enough with the Exam content info, check out GRE study guides and compare prices, read reviews, to help you better make up your mind which test prep material is best for you.

Note cheaper doesn't always means better (in fact in many cases its the oppositie), for some who do not have a choice, it may very well be better, but for these who do, should always consider multiple options.  

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