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Homework: A concern for the whole family

Homework is an opportunity for students to learn and that parents are involved in the upbringing of their children. A parent of interest can generate excitement in a child and help teach the important lesson of all – that learning is fun and rewarding. However, helping your child with their homework It is not always […]

Tutoring Children Can Make a Difference

If you are qualified in at least one academic subject, tutoring children in your community can make a big difference. In some communities, it is simply not enough qualified people to help young students learn. Without a solid education, these children have more difficulty succeeding later in life. Help them to learn now for the […]

Making Language Learning Fun

Learning about other cultures can be fascinating. Here are several suggestions to try with your child: Read to your child about life in the country(or countries) where people speak the language he’s learning. If you have friend from that country(countries), ask them to spend some time talking with your child. Seek out articles in National […]

How to help your child prepare for regular classromm tests

Schools don’t typically teach children how to study for tests. Some children manage well regardless, but others need step-by-step guidance. Here are some suggestions you can use to help your child prepare for tests, eliminate night-before panics, and lessen test anxiety. Before The Test Find out the teacher’s system for scheduling tests. Some tests might […]

Help your child with homework

Teachers have heard many excuses about homework they given to students, the first teacher made the first homework assignment. As long as teachers keep giving homework, most students will keep trying to get out of doing it. Why do teachers bother with homework? Why do they continue to inflict homework on kids, their parents, and […]

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