How to study and get help in accounting related subjects?

Accounting is a vast and practical field of study. Practicing it on a regular basis helps one to gain perfection in it. Basically, it includes reporting and analyzing the financial transactions of a firm. It also has various subfields like- 1) Financial Accounting, 2) Management Accounting, 3) Cost Accounting, 4) Human Resource Accounting, 5) Social Responsibility Accounting. With dedicated hard work and desire to learn can help one to achieve success in this field. To achieve maximum results one has to utilize the time more effectively in the classroom and the study time at home.

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Learning from Textbooks.

One should take a very wise decision to follow specific books published and written by famous authors. Must take guidance from their tutors.

  • Each chapter in accounting is interlinked. If one completes 1st and 2nd chapter halfheartedly than they will easily get confused in the following chapters, which will make it tough in the end.
  • This subject is not like history, sociology. So, scanning of the topics from the textbook will not help at all.
  • Reading thoroughly and practicing the problems will only help to excel in it.
  • There are several guide books available in the market and websites on the internet where they can search for accounting help for students. Which can be very helpful in studying.

Practice the problems to understand How and Why.-

Even if you study and understand why and how accounting is done by reading and learning from books, but practicing yourself will make you perfect in this field. Remember Hard work is the only key to success and as you go for more practice, your expectations to achieve more will certainly grow.


  • To understand well one should thoroughly go through the problems given in the textbooks. Try not to copy the book.
  • Go to the previous chapters and revise them and test your memory. Practice those areas where you feel you have loose grip and work on similar problems.
  • One should not wait for the examination time, a regular practice should be the goal.


  • It is a very technical and logical subject which requires reasoning and understanding.
  • If you understand well the basics of this subject than there is very little to memorize in it, just to go with the flow.
  • Try to teach yourself every topic in your own words. It will surely help. Don’t go with the book, try to create and implement your own skills and ideas.

Revision is a necessary tool to score good marks. Review all that you have studied and practiced from your books. This will help in preparing well for the exams. Last moment cramming does not work at all. It’s like a mirror image which gets vanished as you get away from the mirror. You always forget as fast as you cram. There are proven scientific facts that once learned things get erased from the memory and they need the same time to relearn that same thing.So, start revising. Prepare your own notes for the exams. Go through them thoroughly.

How to manage difficult topics-

There can be some topics which will make you panic for a while. Don’t worry, make a list out of them and consult your tutor for the same. He will surely give you certain tips to make them easy for you. Try to give extra time to those topics. Try the following steps to overcome such troubles.

  • Read the topic 2-3 times. Go through the instructions and try to solve it as far as you go.
  • Don’t leave that topic which you feel difficult. Try to visualize where you lack and overcome it.
  • When you feel you are stuck at a point, go to the previous chapters and find out where you lack. Revise that particular part thoroughly. This strategy will also help in memorizing the previous topics.
  • Solve the maximum problems on your own and then compare the solutions. Be fair with you while you do this.
  • Discuss these topics in the classroom sessions and with your friends.

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Make the best use of class time-

Students feel classroom sessions are boring unless you actively participate in it. This is the only time when you can learn different topics with a proper flow and practice those topics when you are at home. Don’t miss your classroom session.

  • Take active participation in your class. It will boost your confidence.
  • Try to come prepared in the class about the new topics. Just go through them.
  • Clear your doubts in the class itself. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Who knows that particular topic that you missed may carry the maximum marks in the exam.
  • Complete your homework given in the class. It helps you to understand better about that topic.

Preparing for exams-

This time is very crucial for every student. One who has properly managed time and practiced will surely excel in his exams. Revision at this point is very important. One should be very specific about the material to study.

  • Concentrate on the most important topics. Revise your notes that you have made in class thoroughly.
  • Don’t just sit and read. Practice more to learn more. Try to teach your friend, or study in groups in two or more and test your skills.
  • Figure out your weak areas and focus on them.
  • There are different exam modules present in the market. Purchase them and practice at home by creating an exam atmosphere near you.
  • Check your results wisely and try to improve your weak points.
  • Speed is a great factor in solving exam, you get a limited time to solve it. Only good practice can increase your speed.
  • While taking the exam, read all the questions properly. Try to solve those questions first where you are confident. This will help in releasing the exam pressure.
  • Avoid careless mistakes, unless you will lose marks. This can be avoided by revising your answer sheet at the end of the exam.
  • One can get that time only if he keeps a good steady pace in the exam. It will help in completing the exam on time. Here focusing on the clock will make you panic. So, just concentrate on solving problems by using the knowledge you have gained while studying.
  • If you have studied and practiced well, you will surely score good marks in your exams. All the best.
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